Change Your Mindset

The Lab is an immersive, interactive hub-and-spoke designed learning environment with a center stage and surrounded by three simultaneous, yet distinct Zones where programming occurs concurrently. You’ll rotate throughout each zone to experience new ways of thinking on actionable learning that will drive your events’ results.

Led by a Zone Captain who teaches, leads discussion, and sparks conversation, Zone topics change year to year and each represents a distinct segment of the XDP core curriculum.



Attendee Acquisition

How healthy is your event? Are more people coming every year or fewer? More importantly, are more of the right people coming? Event strategists are always looking for ways to drive attendance, from analyzing and understanding the data gathered throughout the registration process to using demographic data to create targeted marketing campaigns. But, are your promotions, post-show follow-up, social media engagement, onsite programs, and upselling tactics doing the trick? It’s time to grapple with strategies and tactics old and new to get at the root of attendance woes and wows.



Business Partnerships

Are you seeing changes in how industry suppliers want to engage with your events? It’s time to explore the new normal for tradeshows, advertising, sponsorships, and promotion spend. Learn to anticipate change and be ready to offer continued value to your partners and attendees alike. Event strategists need the skills to identify and pursue growth opportunities to expand existing markets and penetrate new markets. Learn to design and match business development product offerings to target markets. Explore the most essential ideas and latest technologies for facilitating strategic business partnerships and connecting them with key decision-makers at your event in win-win-win fashion.



Content Gamification

While most people agree that games and gamification can make learning more fun, did you know it also makes business sense at your events? Integrating points, badges, and leaderboards (PBL’s) to drive traffic and engagement are just the beginning. When your conference learning incorporates the use of elements like narrative, characters, collaborative problem solving, social connection, that environment can be considered truly "gamified." It’s time to go beyond collecting digital badges to leverage the power of attendee interactions and create personalized event experiences than enhance adult learners’ effectiveness at scale, providing unforgettable opportunities for mastery and leveling up.