Change Your Mindset

The Lab is an immersive, learning environment with a stage surrounded by three simultaneous, yet distinct zones where programming occurs concurrently. You’ll have the opportunity to choose which Idea Accelerators you what to attend within each zone. We have not predetermined the experience for you this year.  Pick your zones and Idea Accelerators based on what appeals to you at that moment. Each zone allows you to experience new ways of thinking on actionable learning that will drive your events’ results.

Zone topics change year to year and each represents a distinct segment of the XDP core curriculum.


Experience Zone

If you spend your time thinking about how to make your attendees love your event - this is the zone for you.


Strategy Zone

This is for those who focus on the big picture view of how events fit into the larger strategy for an organization.

Community Zone

The focus here is for those who are interested in how people come together, both today and in the future.